At Only 15 Years Old, He Weighed 707 Pounds… But When You See Him Today… WOW!


Jacob Miller has struggled with his weight for his entire life. He was already 52 pounds when he was a one-year-old child. But in his teenage years, he began gaining weight at an alarming rate. He was gaining 100 pounds every year.


Since he was a baby, Jacob had biological disorders and that was coupled with an eating disorder. He visited physicians but no one could figure out why he was gaining weight so rapidly, and growing so much.

At 15 years old, Jacob was 6’5 and 707 pounds. He got bullied very badly and switched schools. His parents knew they had to do something drastic. They decided to try the gastric bypass surgery to help Jacob.

The surgery combined with a carefully controlled exercise program would help him keep the weight off permanently. Before the surgery Jacob was able to lose 77 pounds. His mom says about the surgery: “It’s not the fix all, cure all but it will give him some time to figure out what is causing his growth.”

His parents were very supportive but nervous about the surgery. His dad said: ‘I’m concerned as a parent but if it’s best for him I’m sure everything will go fine. 30 days after the surgery Jacob continued to lose weight.

He was able to get off his diabetes medicine, and was going to the YMCA to workout and swim. His classmates were very impressed by his weight loss, and Jacob says ‘school is going great.’

He continues to work hard and has had a few setbacks. He says ‘I slipped off the road and got right back on.’ He is 530 pounds and works with a dietician to continue to improve his life.